Anti-aging is believed that it is able to be prevented, but how to know your skin starts aging and slow down this process? The following tips will help you answer those questions.

That depends on each person whose signs of aging are different from each other and at different times. In general, a person who is at the age of 20 always will be the most healthy and smooth skin but may also appear the sign that the “degradation” as dry or rough skin, dark or dull, lumpy is usually smooth rough not soft and uneven. From the age of 30 and above, the signs are down smooth, enlarged pores and appearance of wrinkles.



The skin which often appears wrinkled is forehead, the eyes and the corners of the mouth. These skin sagging and wrinkles more apparent. The main cause of this situation is caused by the sun and by external influences such as overnight, stress, constantly thinking which not good for your anti-aging plan…


Regularly use of sunscreen and apply it 15 minutes before going out, remember cream are both thick and thin skin of you.

Some foods for Anti-aging such as fruits and vegetables, especially fruits are green, orange and red because it contains more collagen – ingredients work to rejuvenate the skin

Drinking plenty of water and limit drinking too much alcohol, less caffeine is beneficial for your Anti-aging plan.

Another way to anti-aging is exercising to increase blood circulation and help maintain a healthy weight, limiting and controlling stress.

Get enough sleep – 8 hours per 1 day, do not sleep late, stay up late for working or watching TV.

Daily skin care, wash your face with warm water, apply anti-wrinkle cream, skin toner, facial massage, mask.

Does not change the environment surrounding temperature too quickly, do not sit long in air conditioning, outdoor athletes to be more open and gas exchange.

Do not sit long in front of the computer, every 1 hours sitting in front of the screen, you should relax, massage the skin for about 5-10 minutes, especially the skin around the eyes.



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