Best face cleanser

Depending on your skin that we decided wash accordingly, in order to provide optimum performance.
Be aware of special wash for your skin through consultation.
Oily Skin:
You should choose type of wash is composed of the clay which has high attractive properties oily. The rough clay particles will take away the dirt and slime effectively. Departments should not use soap to wash your face, which leaving skin becomes dry. Also, if you misused wash, your skin loses needed moisture.
Need to select products with high antibacterial, with ingredients such as tea tree, Aloe Vera … Also, if there are ingredients to soothe as: Panthenol, Allantoin, Biotin …  Because that will help reduce the swelling caused by acne. When washing, do not rub, causing irritation and inflammation of acne again. Should be applied lightly and wipe gently with cotton wool soaked.
Aged skin:
You should use wash which contains many vitamins, especially vitamin C and E. Also, you can choose the products which added ingredients to lighten, which will help improve the situation tanning, which is common in aging skin. Do wash gently to avoid lead to flab.
Sensitive skin:
This is the most difficult skin, irritated by the external environment. Be aware of products containing Panthenol, Allantion soothe. Choose wash without foaming gel, rub lightly and rinse with warm water.



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