Carrot is good for beauty

Carrot has a lot of positive effects not only on health but also your beauty. Carrot helps softening and making shiny texture your skin. On the other hands, Carrot helps you prevent acne and black spots causing unsightly. Applying carrots also leaves your hair more beautiful and better.
- Drinking or applying carrot juice to skin every day that is the simplest way to prevent hyper pigmentation. In order to remove the bad pigmentation on the skin, creating the flour mixture that includes pureed carrot, oatmeal, sugar, turmeric powder to mask the skin.

- Pureed carrot mixed with powdered sugar and salt applied to skin for 20 minutes and then massage face resemble the circle. This helps you remove whiteheads and blackheads naturally and gently. In order to keep your skin bright, mix carrot juice with ground basil leaves, applying to face, let be dry then rinse. Alternatively, mix carrots juice and pineapple juice then apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse.
- For tangled dry hair, combine pureed carrots, a bit of olive oil with a water distillation for one hour, then filtered water then Mix this mixture mashed ripe avocado, apply it to hair used to stand for an hour then rinse with clean water.

- In order to increase efficiency beauty, before your makeup mask of carrots and pledged to massage in circles. To fix the black area around the neck, blending pureed carrots, sugar and fresh lemon juice then rub on to. Do remember that massage is combined.
- With bruises on the elbows, rub a little bit of oil before rubbing a mixture of carrots, sugar and salt. Perform regularly until you meet results.



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