Motivation to lose weight

Motivation to lose weight thanks to increasing consumption of cinnamon . The anti-oxygen chemical in cinnamon help you keep your health better and improve obesity-related.

How does Cinnamon promote weight loss?

The main benefit of cinnamon is a direct effect on metabolism. Cinnamon generates heat is which factor bestow metabolic upon working overtime to maintain body temperature. More calories will be burned during the process known as thermogenesis. This process forces the body to use stored fat to function, leading to consumption of more fat.

Weight loss benefits of cinnamon

In addition to the greatest benefit from the use of cinnamon as a supplement is to accelerate the process of metabolism, it also offers many other health benefits. Cinnamon helps burn the whole glucose intake to enhance metabolic process and help you to consume more calories.

Cinnamon changes the way how your body uses glucose. According to medical research non-profit Mayo Clinic, USA. Cinnamon has a positive effect on the way your body use and store both sugar and fat. It also stimulates the production of insulin, reduces food cravings, blood sugar and cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and help prevent obesity, insulin resistance and related- syndrome metabolism.

Cinnamon may help patients with type-2 diabetes

Cinnamon is not just a supplement to help lose weight but also improve the efficiency problems related to obesity such as type-2 diabetes. A study published in the journal Diabetes Journals American Diabetes Association showed that cinnamon plays an important role in lipid metabolism. “Conclusion of cinnamon in the diet of people with type-2 diabetes will reduce risk factors associated with increased likelihood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease”

How to use cinnamon to boost metabolism and lose weight

It’s easy to add cinnamon to the daily menu! Do not hesitate to sprinkle cinnamon on food, such as oatmeal, cheese made from skim milk, yoghurt and fruit. All that we need is from ½ to 2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder to make a strange taste. Another option is to use cinnamon as a supplement to promote weight loss. You should eat less than 2 grams of cinnamon per day. Supplement which made from cinnamon should be used in combination with food and gradually increase the dose through the time.

Whether you choose to use cinnamon as spices or supplements to get motivation to lose weight, the addition of cinnamon to the diet can help you lose weight faster by speeding up the metabolism and improve overall health.



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