Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods and regular exercise which have the ability to burn fat in the daily diet is also very helpful for weight loss and strengthening health.

Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods

Green Tea

Green tea is one of fat burning foods which not only increases metabolic process, but also green tea is good for the heart, helps keep the amount of sugar in blood and body temperature at a stable level.


Grapefruit contains enzymes which help the body burn fat to help you lose weight effectively, to achieve quick, easy and effective weight loss you should use 1/2 a grapefruit before each meal.


Garlic has got thermogenous effect which is conducive to increasing the metabolism and regulates the amount of sugar in the body, helping to prevent increasing blood sugar.


Fish is rich in omega, which helps to control blood sugar and cardiovascular effectively. Eating fish, especially sorts of sturgeon fresh fish several times a week, which help to increase the amount of hormone Leptin helps regulate feelings of hunger thus it is very helpful for losing weight.


Apple contains pectin which helps you slow down the body’s absorption of food, especially foods that contains fat, reducing fat-accumulation in the body.


Chicken is high in protein to provide the necessary energy for the body, boneless and skinless chicken are low in fat, carbohydrate-free is good for weight loss.


Grains are rich in protein, minerals and fiber, fiber is good for the digestive system and support burning fat cells thanks to fat burning foods.

Whole grains

Whole grains are sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber needed for the body, eating whole grains help the body cannot store too many calories and is very easy to burn due to use fat burning foods.

The berries

There are many types of berries such as blueberries, raspberries, etc… Fat burning foods are good to help promote fat burning capabilities of the parts such as enhanced metabolism plays an important role in fat burning foods.

Chilli and pepper

Chilli and pepper are otherĀ fat burning foods which not only help foods more delicious, but also very effective weight loss through burning fat and calories while reducing the body’s appetite.

So, to sum up, to lose weight effectively, you should apply some fat burning foods above to your diet.



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