Foods for both health and weight loss

Have you blueprinted your diet in keeping shape yet? We’d like to introduce to you 6 types of food is very good to help you remove residuals, especially, the amount of fat insight your body. Right now, in order to know which foods can help your body balances, let’s see!
1. Seaweed

Seaweed is not only a delicious and healthy food but also weight loss. In addition to rich in vitamin A, B1 and B2, seaweed contains high fiber and other minerals that help your body eliminate waste. Therefore, when the fall comes, you should use seaweed soup to lose weight, to balance body.
2. Papaya

The sweetness of papaya will help your breast circle stretch, body balance in the fall. Containing vitamins are good for the body. In particular, papaya also contains enzymes are very good for digesting and help digest protein more easily. Therefore, papaya is one of the best foods to lose weight in the fall.
3. Red Beans

Eating red bean soup every day, which help you lose weight. Red bean is extremely rich in nutrients, including minerals and vitamins. Moreover, red bean is not only high levels of vitamin B but also has component which can increase colon’s motility, red bean is very good for urination and reducing constipation, helps body eliminate sebum and reduce large amount of fat insights your body
4. Tea

After meal, you drink a cup of tea to drain off the fat, weight loss. Tea is considered to be one of the greatest foods for weight loss. You drink a cup of tea to remove the fat in the diet, which consume a relatively large amount of energy.
5. Bananas

Banana is both delicious and good for digestion and weight loss. Although, banana contains high-calorie, low fat, rich-kalium. Eating a lot of bananas, which is good for digestion, reduces fat deposits insight body. In general, banana is the perfect food to help you lose weight, keep in shape.
6. Apples

Apple is a good food for weight loss. You eat it every day to get in shape to liking! Apple is a panacea to help you make-up, lose weight, and stay in shape efficiently. Because apple contains malic acid which can accelerate metabolism and reduce body’s fat. In addition, apples contain more calcium than others, which can reduce the amount of salt helps to avoid oedema.



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