Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair is mentioned in some research results which shown that when we comply with specific diet is to drink enough water, ensure adequate nutritional vitamins and trace elements by water accounts for 15-20% of the weight of the hair, makes hair soft, smooth, and calcium supplements, vitamins, especially B vitamins, B5, H, omega3 fats, lipids are essential for skin and hair, which works to make the structure of the fiberhair, protect your hair from dry, brittle, easily broken. Vitamin A, B-Complex, Vitamin C, plays an important role in hair growth, smooth, shiny, healthy and strong.

Eggs is helpful in hair beauty


In fact the high-protein foods are very easy to find such as barley, vegetables, fruits and oils extracted from plants offers us an essential nutrient for hair care, nutrition is alsoincludes a variety of vitamins and minerals are very useful to make your hair healthy and beautiful.
Protein is the main ingredient to make a strong hair, and prevents breaking and split ends. So eat fish, barley, poultry, eggs and beans … because it is a very good source of nutrients and beneficial to the hair.
Zinc is a mineral producing proteins for hair. Should be able to get this mineral in a natural way from meat, eggs, seafood, especially mollusks, barley, pumpkin, beans and sunflower seeds.

Biotin is part of the vitamin B-complex is essential for strong hair. Sources of biotin in barley, brown rice, peas, sunflower seeds, nuts.
Vitamin E create brightness to the hair. Sources of vitamin E from vegetable oil seeds, soybeans, leafy green vegetables.
The essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids have the effect of textured hair healthy and strong, retains moisture to the hair. So eat fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, flaxseed, walnut …
Silicon is a mineral have the effect of creating beauty, brightness and strong hair. The source of this mineral can receive from barley, vegetables such as potatoes, peppers and pepper, cucumber, herbal tea, bean sprouts. Particularly important role to create shiny and bright hair.
Avocados are high in vitamin A, C, E, iron, potassium, niacin, protein, oil is good for hair nutrition.



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