how to get glowing skin

Most women think that at the age of 30 their skin beginning aging and they wonder “how to get glowing skin“. But recent studies have shown that the age of 25 have entered a period of aging skin. “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet”, You should take care your skin from age 20 to create a sold foundation for the skin. And the suggestions below will help you have beautiful skin, limited to early aging and guests “unwelcome”.

how to get glowing skin

Healthy diet is very important to get glowing skin

Beautiful skin healthy body, so do not miss the three-step “beauty from within” first Light:
- Step 1: You should exercise at least 3 times a week just to maintain radiant skin, healthy. Yoga is a suitable subject for women as it is to relax and protect the beauty, fight the signs of aging effectively.
- Step 2: healthy diet will also significantly improve your skin. Limit fried foods, oily,  of alcoholic stimulants, coffee and sugar and should be used as green tea, fruits, vegetables …
- Step 3: Drink enough water. Always let the water beside you to complement the body at any time. Not only drinking 1-2 liters of water every day that you need to supplement the body of water from fresh fruit to develop skin look young, radiant.
Next, do these 4 steps “beauty from the outside” is simple but extremely effective.
- Step 4: Clean your face properly. Cleanser for the hands, rated for up sponge, then rub all over your face and massage in circles. If you do not have much time, try to do 2 times / day in the morning and evening.
- Step 5: Exfoliation week / times with ice cream exfoliate. This step will deep cleanse the skin, remove some dead corneum of the skin, helps restore skin elasticity, easy to absorb nutrients. You can create your own mask and exfoliate the skin from fresh milk, eggs, honey or other herbs.
- Step 6: Use rose water. Get a little rose water and bleach the cotton pad gently across his face, moisturize and pores.
- Step 7: Use topical skin nIt members each night. Before going to bed rub all over face, then within 10-15 minutes massage oil to leak into the skin. The nutrients from topical skin nIt members, will give immediate effect, light up and rinse with clean water, you will feel the difference in your skin after just one night.

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