How to relieve tooth pain

Toothache is generally called as odontolgia; it is the pain in or around the tooth or jaws resulting due to the dental conditions. Toothaches are usually caused by dental cavities, abscessed tooth, gum disease, injury to the jaw or mouth, cracked tooth, irritation of the tooth root and more.

Toothaches should be treated as soon as possible, as they are very sensitive. So, it’s always better to know how to relieve tooth pain naturally at home. If you feel pain in your tooth and if you’re unable to reach your doctor as soon as you hoped, follow these simple tips which may help you to get relieved from tooth aches instantly.

  • Rub clove oil on the affected area to get relieved from toothache. But use this carefully as clove oil if ingested in large amount may lead to side effects, so apply it with cotton swab.
  • Place a small piece of bread over the aching tooth and let it dissolve. Do it again and again. This will surely reduce 99% of your pain.
  • Keep a piece of ginger root over the affected tooth and bite it down. This might reduce the pain slowly and replace the ginger root occasionally.
  • Mix the salt in the lukewarm water and swish around in the mouth. Later spit it out and repeat it again.
  • Place a piece of onion over the affected tooth and bite it down. This will gradually reduce the tooth pain.
  • Use mouth wash with alcohol like Listerine, peppermint flavor or lemon flavor to get rid from toothache.
  • Roll the cabbage leaf without veins and place it between the teeth which are affected. This will surely work well as healers or detoxifiers.
  • Apply lavender oil externally; this will help you to get relieved from toothache.
  • Like clove, the cinnamon oil also contains eugenol, which works against the toothache.
  •  Place a garlic clove on the affected area, since this naturally contains antibiotics.
  • Apply few drops of goldenseal tincture to the tooth.
  • Do oil pulling daily to make your teeth stronger and to get prevented from toothache.

All the above tips will get you relieved from tooth pain instantly. But, whenever you feel changes in tooth, have a visit with your dentist to get prevented from dental disorders, since prevention is better than cure.








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