How to Train a Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend. But she can also be your best source of annoyance if she is not properly trained. A dog can bring you happiness, companionship, and protection as long as she knows what you expect of her to do and not to do. Training a dog is not easy, but these simple guidelines can keep you on the right track of creating the perfect canine specimen.

Be sensitive to the dog’s feelings and emotions. Remember, a dog can’t talk. She will not tell you that she can’t take too much, or that she is tired. Listen to your dog’s body signals. If your dog’s tail is between her knees, then she is unhappy. If she is drooling or panting, she can be tired and thirsty. Never force a dog to do things when she is not into it.

Never hit your dog. This is the golden rule in dog training. Hitting is never a natural habit of dogs, so a dog will not understand why she is getting hit. Instead of hitting, use positive reinforcements such as praises, petting, and treats in her every accomplishment.

Follow these simple rules and your dog will be your best friend in no time. Patience, perseverance, and determination is the key to make the best canine buddy out of your mutt.

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