Keep makeup being not taken away by sweat

Sweating  is  effective to take down temperature for regulating of body temperature. But we will have difficulty if the sweat is on your face and wash away makeup.

The cause of the sweating

In daily life, you sweat less or inactive. All of a sudden it becomes unusually hot weather, sweat glands have not adapted to very low activity.

Sweat glands fall asleep, particularly the sweat glands in the lower body and arms.

When sweat glands get inactive , require sebaceous glands to work harder to regulate body temperature.

Sweat almost likes water, while the oil component in cosmetics and sebaceous glands can protect makeup, sweat runs down can’t take makeup away . In this case, paint cream background thoroughly, then no matter what.

However, cases of excessive sweating by the evidence “sweating” of the various components of salt on the skin surface increases the moisture of sweat and makeup so caught up in as much sweat .

At that time, there is no way but to make up again.

Method for anti-sweat

First, must be increase the activity of sweat glands by movements ,   exercises.

Next, perform the method as shown below.
Cooling around the neck

Before makeup, cooling behind the neck (by cold towels or other refrigerant)

Cooling behind part of the neck can lower body temperature, which is also sweating on less.

When get makeup outside, put a handkerchief in water and then squeezed to drain onto the back of the neck up.

If you do this regularly, temperature regulated, flowing on the surface sweat less than normal.

Food reduced effect perspiring more

Female hormone contains limitations of sweat, sweat and if production is non-hygroscopic (not absorbed by makeup).

Therefore, add actively substances that enhance the female hormone such as are o’ flavones in soybeans.

Reflection method Hemihidrotic

A method of taking advantage of sweating mechanism: if you sweat in a limited number of seats of the body, the other parts will be sweating more than usual.

When wearing  Yukata, sweat pouring much of the air, the reason is because of chest pressure should sweat in many parts of the remaining flow.

Wear Yukata the chest forcing many places this wire should be pressure, do not sweat output.

When the upper body at least the amount of sweat in the sweat output decreases. The amount of sweat lower body higher than normal levels.

Of course, this method is effective only reduce sweat in this place, while the remaining components will increase should not solve the problem efficiently.

Only applying this method in case of urgency, to reduce the amount of sweat on his face. So hot summer sweats, and we all do not want to wash away makeup by sweat.

If a non-sweat moisture is not an issue, so let’s try to learn their sweat pouring mechanism to counter-measures accordingly!



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