Lose weight in one week

Lose weight in one week from one to two kg to confidently wear sexy dresses by following eight tips.

1. Motivate exercise

motivate exercise to lose weight

If you already have a steady exercise regimen, increase the time as well as the level of training. Unless you have had the habit of exercising yet, you would be conducted. go to the gym and shake for 40 minutes, 5 times per week.

2. “Rupture” with soda

A small bottle of drink contains 250 calories, most of which is sugar. There is no vitamin in soda and they do not have any nutritional value. In addition to women who drank soft drinks regularly susceptible to osteoporosis and other problems of the bones. Do not drink soft drinks means that you cut large amount of calories and lose weight effectively in one week and that’s good for your bones.

3. “Forget” fast food

Fast foods contain high calories, most of which are fat. In fact, a quick meal contains calories equal to which is in three meals a day. Forget fast food in the diet, ensure your weight reduction will be effective, even in a period of 1 week and you will feel so much better.

4. Reduce diet

If you want to lose weight in one week, let’s do it this way: when the meal comes, take a half serving and remaining only take a half.

5. Eat more meals

This method has been scientifically proven: Instead of eating 3 meals a day as usual, divided into 5 small meals per day. This will help you lose weight in one week by eating continuously you will not be hungry and will not crave junk food.

6. Eat more vegetables

If you want to lose weight in one week effectively, eat fast and eat more fruits and vegetables. Grapes, oranges and berries such as strawberries, raspberries and cherry are the perfect choice for your health and limit your sugar cravings. This is a simple and effective way for you to avoid the junk food high in fat.

7. Drinking water before having meal

Did you know that drinking a little cold water before meals for 5 to 10 minutes will relieve hunger and you will eat less, some studies also showed that the cold of the water is a good impact on metabolic.

8. Skip the milk

Cheese, fresh cream, pure milk, yogurt contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D is good for your health, but they contain a lot of fat. If you really are serious to lose weight in one week, you should give up the aforementioned milk.



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