Meal plan for diabetics

By today’s statistics, 366 million peoples are suffering from diabetics. Most of them are under serious health conditions and others may even lead to premature death. But, people with diabetes can be prevented from these issues, if they take steps to manage the disease and lower the possibility of complications. So, everyone should concentrate more on the meal plan for diabetics as it plays the major role in controlling the glucose level. Here, is an example for diabetes meal plan which will surely make you to stay happy and healthy.

For breakfast, prefer whole wheat pancakes or sliced bread with a piece of fruit and low fat milk. Instead of fruit and milk, you can also prefer oatmeal and a banana. This will help you to gain 360 calories with 52g of carbohydrates.
For lunch, you can take cooked rice or pasta with one average potato and you can also add veggie soup, sandwich, steamed broccoli and fruits like orange, apple to it. This will aid you to get only 540 calories with 75g of carbohydrates.
For dinner, you can eat steamed broccoli with cooked brown rice and carrots and you can also include small whole grain roll with low fat tossed salad and canned apricot which will make you to gain 630 calories with 65g of carbohydrates.
If you need to include snacks between meals, choose healthy snacks like fresh fruits, low fat yogurt, low fat milk, whole wheat bread and more. This will allow only 60 calories with 15g of carbohydrates. Finally, don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water daily.
There are some of the foods that you need to avoid in your diet. Let’s have a tour about it. Unless you are a low blood sugar person, don’t sip soda or sugared drink. Don’t skip meals as it may make you to overeat at the next meal. Avoid concentrating on other things like TV, Computer, games etc while eating.
Eating well is the life’s big delight. It’s must for everyone to have nutritional diet. Even though, peoples with diabetes cannot enjoy a wide variety of food, it is necessity for them to enjoy a well balanced nutritional diet. So, learn to eat food which makes you to stay fit.



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