Nutrition for youthful looks and weight loss

A healthy diet provides you protein, whole grains are good for beauty care and will help you retain muscle, weight loss, removes fat in excess, while vegetables rich in antioxidants will help prevent wrinkles.

Fish: A rich source of protein, acts as a hormone in the body, which helps control hunger so you do not have to eat too much. Oily fish such as salmon contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acid, which is effective against wrinkles at any age.

Yogurt: After you have gone over the age of 35, content of friendly gut bacteria decreased significantly, that you are at high risk of bloating and slow digestion. To prevent this, use a probiotic drink or yogurt every day.

Natural oil: When you get elder, your skin becomes drier and more prone to rough because the oil glands produce less natural moisturizer. The skin becomes less elastic, causing the formation of wrinkles. Use foods that contain natural oils such as avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil can have a soothing effect.

Restrict cookies: Every decade, once you turned 30, your body needs calories less than approximately percent. The good news is that you can easily reduce calorie intake by just stop eating biscuits in the morning or do not eat any slice of toast.

Snacks caution: Foods such as ice cream, chips, chocolate and fizzy drinks tend to make you gain weight therefore reducing those.

Reduce alcohol: Just about a small glass of red wine at dinner last week. Not only does alcohol provide a lot of calories, but also drinking too much alcohol is to lead to dehydrates in your skin and cause aging.

Do not skip meals: At the age of 30-40, an emergency diet will slow the metabolism permanently, making it difficult to maintain a slim body. Do not get hungry more than 3 hours.

Antioxidant-rich foods: Fruits, vegetables and nuts contain powerful anti-oxidants to help you keep your youthful looks.

Reducing salt: Too much salt is bad for the body, for causing water retention, which make you feel heavy and slow. Besides, once you get older, the ability to change the body’s excess fluid also slowed. Salt reduction will help reduce bloating. Beware of hidden sources of salt – usually in the pre-cooked meals, soups and sandwiches.



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