Secret s to maintain youthful skin

Along with measures to prevent aging, people often apply a lots tips for maintaining youthful skin.  The  following information will help you keep your skin youthful.
1.  Avoid  sunlight
An investigation has shown that aging appears  at 30, accounting 90%, continued going up as far as you get elder. Most of damage to skin is caused by ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Please, keep the skin protected even when you get elder, because of excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer.
Secret s to maintain youthful skin2. Give up smoking
Smoking  is not only adversely affect your  health and your skin but also causes premature aging. You shouldn’t also avoid ignoring the risk of other cancers caused by smoking.
3. Drinking water enough
Drinking less water is the main culprit in the fight against aging. You should drink water enough and try to maintain 8 glasses of water per day. Consumption of vitamin drinks is a popular choice, but you should note that the amount of sugar in these. Drinking water enough is the great secret help you  keep your skin  youthful.
4. Avoid bleaching exfoliation too much
Many people believe that exfoliation is one of the skin renewal processes and bring  good results. However, please note that exfoliate the skin regularly also makes you vulnerable by the sun. Exfoliating too much will cause skin to became red and rough, not at all good for the skin



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