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Promoting metabolism is important factor for controlling weight in any situation, and this is also conducive to weight loss and maintaining weight after weight loss. Some people are inherited a fast metabolism. Men tend to burn more calories than women, even while having a rest. And for most people, metabolism slows down steadily after age of 40. Although it is not able to control your age, gender, heredity, but there are other ways to speed up metabolism.

Here are 10 ways to enhance the body’s metabolism:

Create muscle

Our body constantly burns calories, even while we do not do anything. Level of metabolism during rest time is proportional to muscle in your body. Each pound (0.44 kg) of muscle uses approximately 6 calories a day just to sustain itself, while each pound of fat burns just needed 2 calories per day. This difference is quite small, but it will be very significant if time increases. In addition, after training the muscles, the muscles will active whole body, which is conducive to the body’s rate of metabolic increase.

Enhance training

Fitness does not create big muscles but can increase metabolism for several hours after cessation of exercise. The bottom line here is that the body is promoted. The high-intensity exercise will boost metabolism more than moderate exercise or not exercise.

Drink more water

The body needs water to handle energy. If the body is just slightly lack of water, your metabolism will slow down. In one study, if adult drinks 8 glasses of water a day, they will burn more calories than those who drink 4 glasses of water a day. For the body is not lack of water, drink a glass of water before each meal and snack. Also it is necessary to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of cookies or chips.

Drinking cold water

Cold drinks help the body burns more calories. According to a research shows that 5 to 6 glasses of ice water will help burn extra 10 calories per day. This is not much, but after one year, you will lose 1 kg without dieting. This benefit is not only true with ice water but also with tea, coffee, as long as there is no cream in fat and sugar.

Eating more than usual

Eating more and dividing into several meals that will be really conducive to more effective weight loss. When it is divided into several meals, metabolism will slow down and be sustained. Metabolic process is sustained will help the body burn more calories. Some studies also show that people who regularly having snack will often eat less during the meal.

Adding spices to the meal

Spicy contains compound which activate metabolism at a high level. A teaspoon of red chilli or pepper will help increase metabolism up to 23 %. Some studies show that this effect only lasts about half an hour but if eat spicy regularly, the benefits will increase.

Adding Protein

The body will burn calories by digesting protein 2 times more than fat or carbohydrate. Although you want to have one balanced diet, but the addition of protein-rich foods will help increase metabolism at meals. Good sources of protein include beef, fish, chicken breast, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs and low-fat milk products.

Pure coffee

If you are someone who likes to drink coffee, you will see yourself full of energy and focus when drink coffee in the morning. Also, another benefit though rather short is metabolism increasing. In one study, the caffeine in two cups of coffee will help burn 50 calories for 4 hours as long as black coffee, because if you add cream, sugar, syrup, charged calories will certainly be higher than the amount of consumed  calories.

Drinking green tea

Green tea offers the combined benefits of caffeine and catechins which accelerate the metabolism in the first few hours. Research shows that drinking 2-4 cups of tea will help your body burn 50 calories per day. This means that will lose about 2 kg in 1 year.

Avoid strict diet

A strict diet (less than 1000 calories a day) are extremely damaging to any object. Although we provide efficient instant weight loss but it is the loss of muscle, which does not affect metabolism. So very little consumption of calories the body, which leads to increase the weight more rapidly than before the weight loss phase.

Best movement

The impact of the above-mentioned foods and beverages is actually very small compared to what you need to be able to weight loss and weight maintenance after weight loss. The best way to make a machine which burning calorie is to create muscle and maintain movement. The more you move, the greater the amount of calories consumed. And remember to practice outdoors in the morning will really help increase metabolism during the next several hours.



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