Mothers’ breast milk is necessary for every new born baby.  Some mothers are having a sufficient milk supply for their baby’s need, but some other people are not able to feed of their own baby because of their insufficient milk supply or any viral diseases like HIV. For those mother should know about, what is milk bank? This article contains information about milk bank. I hope it will help for your baby.

what is milk bank

Milk banking is service it collects extra milk from healthy mothers and donates to needed people, just like blood bank. It contains more steps and process before donate the milk. The first step is screening process it means that, a test taken for the donor health. Only after completing this test they decide she was suitable or not for donating her milk. Viruses can easily spread through breast milk therefore the donor’s are taken into a screening very carefully. Eligibility for donors as follows….

  • She should be good in health and don’t had any illness last 12 months.
  • Should not be HIV person.
  • Should not have the habit of smoking and drinking.
  • Your baby also well in health.

Once you are eligible for donor, you should be careful about your health. Watch your weight regularly (avoid weight loss).  Concentrate on your foods items, take more nutrition foods. During the donation period, if you or your baby was affected by cold, you should stop your milk donation until it gets cure.  Keep in mind you should donate your excess milk only. Give enough milk to your own baby.  Some kind full advice for donors to express and store milk…

  • Your hands should be very clean at time of your pumping.
  • Express your milk into a clean cup that placed under your breast.
  • Transfer it safely into a bag and put it on your freezer.
  • After pumping, place immediately into freezer.
  • Don’t forget to mention a date on your milk storage bag.
  • Give storage milk to your baby within 24 hours if possible. Discard if the milk was more than 48 hours in refrigerator.
  • Your storage milk on refrigerator no more than 12 hours, you may transfer into freezer.
  • Don’t mix your fresh milk into an already package milk. Save fresh milk in another bag.

The screening test process is more expensive, but the mothers won’t ask any cost for donating her milk. It is only for their satisfaction they want save the baby life.  In the situation, of early born some cases the mother’s are died at the time of their delivery, but the new born baby need a human milk. Because early born babies are very week in healthy when compared to the normal baby. Now milk banks are help to save the baby from death or any other illness by giving the mother’s breast milk. If you want to become a donor of breast milk you can refer and apply in online. Milk banks are advertised via television, radio, or newspaper at the time low milk supply. When you see that kind of ads please help to them.




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